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Brunch with Tiffany Webisodes

Episode Four with Sky from Black Ink Crew

Oh gosh, where do I start? So two "unfiltered" people sat down to brunch and there was much "girl talk." Sky and Tiffany talked about their advocacy for plastic surgery, what procedures they had done and their lives in reality TV. There were no bars with this duo and many comments stated that they would watch a Sky and New York show. These two women are very known for their boisterous personalities on TV and one could see how they would definitely be friends, but my thoughts would be who would be the first to get out of pocket. They are two ladies who don't allow too much to be said before they "pop off." I have been keeping up with the Brunch with Tiffany series, and I must say as I watch the episodes of Brunch with Tiffany, she does very well at commentary. While she may ask "intrusive questions", she is also willing to allow access into her privacy as well as allowing the viewer to get a taste of the personalities of her brunch buddies. Many of her brunch buddies personalities are well known, but I can appreciate giving a good show for a web series. After watching all four episodes available, I still reccommend checking out Brunch with Tiffany for some short entertainment.  

Have you already watched any of the webisodes for "Brunch with Tiffany"?  If so, lets chat below, if not, catch an episode on VH1's, Brunch With Tiffany and join the chat.

Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway by thesoloalliance featuring The MAHI Columbus Weekender in Vintage Brown | MAHI Leather

Yass! It's time for those summer travels, you know the girls weekend trip, possible overnight rendezvous, or even just a simple drive out of town with a just in case bag. If you are like me, you are ready to use your off days for yourself to soak up the sun, relax, or plan that "fun" overnight date. Hey, I am a single women, so I need to make sure that I have things on hand when I leave the house. This set screams casual date turn to packed for more fun and innocent warm makeup with goodies in the bag. I am simply loving floral for the spring/summer season and yass honey to bring back the block heels. I do feel these heels are a Carrie statement piece; therefore, lets keep everything else simple, cute and mute. You have more than enough room to pack away the nightlife outfit, shoes, makeup, plus much more inside your Columbus weekender bag. This look gets me ready for those girls' getaways where you are cute for your daytime parties, and you have the night outfits packed in your stylish chic and deep Columbus bag for the girls overnight stay.  Upcoming events like the Essence Festival, Firefly Music Festival, Lollapalooza; not only do you need that fly outfit, you need a bag that is going to be dependable and spacious.

Who else is ready for those weekend getaways? Stay tuned as we look into single summer activities. Are you a part of The Solo Alliance? Sound off below and let me know some of your summer travel plans.

Brunch With Tiffany Webisodes

Currently VH1 is broadcasting Tiffany "Miss New York" Pollard having brunch with pals, named "Brunch With Tiffany" No copyright infringement intended. There are currently two short episodes and there will be one episode added each month. 

Tiffany Pollard is visiting different restaurants in New York for brunch while conversing with some of her influential pals. According to VH1, "You already know and love Tiffany Pollard from her days as "New York" on VH1's Flavor of Love and I Love New York. Now, get ready to spend more time with her and her famous friends over brunch and cocktails on Brunch With Tiffany. Every month, Tiffany will be gathering gossip at iconic New York City restaurants, and no topic is off limits. You won't want to miss this". 

I have watched both episodes and I am not going to give a full on summary of the show because I really think for the purposes of discussion and because it is actually entertaining, you should watch it. But I will start off our discussion. 

Talk about interesting women convos at brunch. Do you think there is ever too much information revealed between women? I hope you answered no to the aforementioned question, because these webisodes will give you an earful from Tiffany and her pals. While Sheryl Lee Ralph is more demur, Sandy Morgan definitely gives us some hot tea about herself. I like that Tiffany is keeping her personality while meeting with different personalities. I will say the series is very relatable as Tiffany speaks with her pals about things that myself and my friends also chat about at a dining table. I did chuckle and at times full out hollered during the episodes as Tiffany will always give you an over-the-top performance. I must say that it feels odd to keep typing Tiffany instead of how we were all mostly introduced to her- Miss New York, but I digress. She definitely doesn't hold her tongue on the webisodes as she speaks with her gal pals, from vaginal rejuvenation to flying high as a kite. I must say that I can totally see myself sitting at brunch with Tiffany. She brings out personal information from her pals that is quite refreshing because it is absolutely hilarious. There aren't many cons about the webisodes other than, I would appreciate longer episodes as I can only imagine what else is said at their brunch. Overall, it appears to be a good series sure to give laughter and make you wonder just where in the world is Tiffany's filter button. 

Have you already watched any of the webisodes for "Brunch with Tiffany"?  If so, lets chat below, if not, catch an episode on VH1's, Brunch With Tiffany and join the chat. 

Birthday Achievement

Welcome birthday, March 14th! So, did you come back for the update or are you new to my site? Well lets chat. I am about to do something extremely scary. Scary because I know that walls are being lowered, and that I am growing and hopefully evolving. As you read this, you may be thinking, what has her so hesitant? I have been writing and sharing on this blog to break down barriers. While saying that I am trying to break down these barriers, I have also been blogging anonymously.  Tell me how does that work? It hasn't worked too well for me because I realized that this continued to allow me to create and enforce a barrier within an outlet (well what I created as an outlet).  Therefore; let's revamp, regroup, get my life. While I will keep many of the original posts as a reminder of how far I come, I want to introduce you to Kay.  As you browse through the posts, you will notice some updates if you have been reading this blog for a while. If you are new, I am ecstatic that you have visited and hope that you will return.  I will say that The Solo Alliance is a family regardless of what the name implies. As you read through the blog, you may realize why I have named my blog "The Solo Alliance." My mom always said when we invite people in our home, they should always feel welcomed. So please feel free to browse through the site as I have done something that I thought was impossible. I didn't think I was ready, and can't honestly say completely why I think I am ready now, but I am going to give it a shot.

I am probably still speaking in riddles and I know this may not make much sense, but it will make more since as you continue to read or maybe it may not, I am a work in progress. I want to personalize my opinions and brand my facts. I think this may be part of the reason that I want to personalize my blog, but I know there is much more. The negativity that can come with bringing your opinions to the world can become overwhelming but that is why they are opinions. My opinions that you may agree or disagree with, but I would hope that it would be in debate and not maliciously. I have also realized that this is my blog and not only do I control what I post, I can control what I wish to see and read. 

So.. I am now personalizing my site where you can put a face with the words. Hopefully you will introduce yourself to me, so we can become more acquainted.  Again thank you for visiting The Solo Alliance.  Stay tuned!!!

Fun Girl

-Urban Dictionary

A conversation with my friend goes like this.

Me: I am not understanding why he doesn't think I don't know there is something odd going on here
Friend: Do you think he has someone else
Me: Yes, I have been here before, I mean, he goes super hard to make sure I notice him and then it gets weird, like texts during certain times of the day and the disappearing acts. I am just trying to understand, why I keep getting guys that already have a woman at home, but then they are trying to talk to me.
Friend: Because you are a "fun girl."  Not that I think that is the case, but men see single, independent, educated, attractive and no children and the a**holes gravitate towards wanting that fun life.

While I am not spotted showing my body parts, she classified me as a fun girl. She explained that she has another classification for "fun girls". There are the fun girls that aren't really looking for sponsors or attention.  They are the single ladies that "appear" to have things together, do what they want and come and go as they please.  Unavailable men may attract to these women because they feel there is a part of life they are missing or they aren't going to be expecting much from the relationship.  However, are you really missing out or you are trying to have it all plus some? These unavailable men find out that it is not that these "fun girls" aren't expecting much, but they have the ability to get what they need independently.

 I just had to know more, so I continued our conversation.
"Are you saying that I am attractive to guys whom only want to have a fun time, and what am I doing that is attracting these types of men?" As she explained, it is not that you are only attractive to these type of men, but I know you and you tend to be very upfront about expectations. You appreciate communication and you can see many sides.  So you will give these men the opportunity to give you the "spill" on wanting to just have a friend or "friend with benefits" and then you weigh the pros and cons.

I didn't think she was saying I was easy or too independent, but I came up with my own understanding.  Check it...  So I expect you to give it to me straight, no chaser. If you are looking to date me, then you are going to be expected to date me, if you are looking for a friends with benefits type of situation, then I will choose whether you will be able to get that option.  The only thing with that option is that I have officially put myself into the "fun girl" category with you.  I say that I am laid-back and that I will be when you are honest with me.  I am at a point where I am not looking for the games and the subterfuge of trying to figure out the relationship ins- and- outs.  This may come across as hypocritical, but it is not. A girl has the right to change her mind, right?! Currently, I am dating and living a happily single life. Fortunately, society has allowed this to happen in our 30s, although my family is still seeing this as taboo in my 30s.

My question then becomes, with me wanting to date as a single women, am I putting myself out there to be classified as the "fun girl?" I mean I am not quite looking for a relationship, but I am not looking to date someone else's man either.  Sound off in the comments below and let me know how you feel about the "fun girl", or how you classify the "fun girl?" Lets chat about if you have ever been considered the "fun girl", or if you have some advice (good or bad) about the fun girl.  Let's keep it cute though, we can always agree to disagree, respectfully.  Thanks for visiting The Solo Alliance. **Smooches**

BlingHair Factory Outlet Store (Ali Express Vendor)


Hair today and Hair tomorrow. Yes I know that was corny, but that is how I feel about hair. I like the opportunities to learn new things, and I don't want to learn new things on the hair growing from my head, so extensions give me those opportunities.

View my previous hair reviews:

1. Fashion Queen Hair
2. Ali Hair Factory Outlet Store (
3. Yuth Hunman Hair Galaxy 

If the hair doesn't work out, I just try on some different hair. Plus who doesn't want to be Tammy one day, Vera the next and Candy at the end of the week. (Names came from the top of my head, I should definitely work on my alter ego.) I like the versatility that units and extension give. I also like when I can get a good deal on some good hair.  I must say that I got a great deal on the hair we are reviewing today. I went on Ali Express in November during the Veteran's Day sale and was able to purchase this hair for less than $70. 

Hair Deetz:

I purchased three bundles and a closure of Brazilian hair from BlingHair Factory Outlet Store. The hair bundles were 14',16', 18', and a 12 inch closure. The hair came packaged very nicely.  It came in a sealed bag, with instructions and some nice eyelashes. (We will talk about my journey to learning to put on eyelashes.)   Each item was labeled and in their own package.  


The closure was well packaged and was nice and full. I did bleach my knots and it took the bleaching the knots well. I didn't get a shot of the closure after bleaching the knots. 


The hair was very soft and full. The hair was light-weight, but had a lot of volume as the hair was healthy from the beginning to the end.  It had very little beards on the bundle. 



I did color the ends of the hair as you will see in the below pictures and it took color very well. I did not leave the bleach on long, no more than 20 mins and it still picked up the Texture and Tones Clairol Cherrywood color very well.  I left the longest ends with the bleached color only as it made a really nice 33 (brown- blond) color. 


The hair is very soft, full and manageable
The hair is lightweight
The hair took bleaching and color well
The hair feels great after co-washing or deep conditioning
The hair curls well
The hair takes deep conditions very well, making it very manageable with just heat protectant spray

The hair doesn't hold curl for longer than a day


I would highly recommend this hair as it stayed soft after the bleaching and coloring process and still doesn't do much shedding. Now you may not get this hair for the same price that I got the hair on sale, but it is still a very reasonable and affordable price. If you are interested in the hair, please follow the links below. 

Fashion Queen Hair Review (Ali Express Vendor)

Another day, Another protective style.  At this point, not only do I like the idea of being able to change my hair constantly, I am also trying to strengthen and thicken my natural hair, so creating units work well at making sure I am not manipulating my hair so much.  Ok. You are right, I like manipulating hair that isn't my own. I love coloring the hair and curling the hair, but I don't want to ruin my natural hair.  With that being said, I have some more "affordable" hair to review.  
While I love changing my hair, this can also be very expensive. I do tend to go to AliExpress because this is the website that I know with affordable hair options.  If you have a website or know a website with affordable human hair that you would recommend, definitely let me know in the comments.

Check out other hair reviews:

Let's get to the hair:

The hair I am reviewing I have had since November 2016. I did not bleach and color the hair until December, but I have worn the hair for a few months, so I am able to give a thorough review of the hair. 
Let's start with the specifics of the hair. I ordered three bundles and a closure of Malaysian Body Wave from Fashion Queen Hair, an Aliexpress Vendor. The lengths of the hair purchased was 18, 16, and 14 inches with a 12 inches free part lace closure. 
The closure pictured below came as a normal lace closure. It was full and soft but wasn't pre-plucked or pre-bleached. I did bleach my knots on the closure for the after pictures at the bottom. 


This a picture of the closure after I bleached the knots and it did keep its body wave. 

The hair was thinner in texture but the bundles were full if that makes sense. This would be good hair for those that do not like a lot of hair on their unit or sew-in.  The closure matched the bundles well and the body wave did come back after I bleached and washed the hair.  The ends did lose some of its body wave after the bleaching, but body wave isn't as wavy as a deep wave or water wave.  


I did choose to change the color of the hair, in which I bleached the hair. I use Clairol B&W and 40 volume developer. I left the bleach on for approximately no more than 25 mins and did not lift the color more than a 30. I must say the first two- three weeks, the hair did well, but after that, it has been shedding, tangling, and matting a lot.  I have tried using Silicon Mix to bring the luster back to the hair and eliminate the shedding, but it hasn't worked. I have also trimmed the hair and that hasn't worked either. I do think this hair isn't strong enough to be bleached but would have lasted if I didn't manipulate the hair. 

The hair did curl well and I liked that the hair was light-weight.  I apologize that I don't have better pictures of the color as I chose teal, blue and purple for winter colors.  


light-weight hair
full bundles
curls well
holds curl 
doesn't need a lot of product

Not strong enough for bleaching
Did not lift well with bleaching process
Hair sheds, mattes, and tangles after being manipulated
Does not keep its luster long if the hair has been colored
If you would like to purchase the bundles, I have listed the bundle and store information below. I must say that I caught the hair on a good sale in November for under $50.00 but the hair is still at an affordable price.  I will also say this may be why my hair didn't handle the lifting process to well. I would recommend the hair, as long as your are willing to have it in it's natural color.  I am thinking of cutting this hair into a bob, so there maybe an update to this post in the future.  Thanks for visiting and make sure to comment down below with affordable hair options or hair companies that may work for the readers and us here at The Solo Alliance.  **Smooches**

11 Fascinating Ways to Make Your Life Infinitely Better In 2017

Guest Post 

written by Eve @ 

The year 2016 has been a tough one and almost all of us can relate to it somehow. Whether we talk about it on an individual basis or global challenges, it didn’t play quite well. However, we are at a start of a new year and we should try to make the next year better with a little effort. We all need to play our part really well if we want to get a good output. It can be done by several ways and to make it easy, here are some of the fascinating ways by which you can make your life a better one in the year 2017.

  1. Start doing yoga

Yoga is the best way to keep yourself fit and active all day. Start doing yoga from today onwards, take some classes or understand the basics if you want and then just go with it. You will definitely feel the difference in a matter of days.

  1. Plant a tree
Instead of sitting under a tree and carving your name on it, try to do something progressive and helpful. Plant a seed every week; take care of it, water it and you’ll feel as you have done something very helpful and something for the betterment of our environment. It will eventually give you positive vibes and will boost up the urge of doing good in you.
  1. Try long walks
Taking out an hour or half from your busy routine and giving that time to yourself is very important. Take long walks alone and try observe nature around you. Spend some time with nature and befriend it. You can also take that one person along with whom you can share your inner feelings and be your own self.
  1. Filter your social media accounts
You need to learn to let go of things. Go through all your social media accounts and unfollow those people who reflect negative vibes or make you feel stressed. That will help you be more joyful and relaxed. Instead of stalking your ex’s profile all day long and feeling bad about yourself, unfollow him, block him and focus on your present.
  1. Budget for some fun
While planning the monthly budget, keep some amount aside and spent it to plan something fun and crazy. Even though your budget is a packed one, try to manage things. It can be anything, a vacation, a road trip with friends to nowhere, an exciting dinner party with your forgotten friends, anything.
  1. Do one thing for yourself daily
In your daily routine, try to get some time just for yourself and do something you love. It can be either spending some time alone or reading a book that you like. You know what you love the best, so pick one thing and develop a habit of doing it daily.
  1. Learn a new skill
If you are done with school or college, that doesn’t mean you are done learning. You can always learn regardless of your age, so pick on something interesting and learn it.  This is going to keep your learning abilities active and enhance your skills. You can try learning a new language or an art or even cooking.
  1. Get proper sleep
In the previous year, you might have been sleep deprived because you spent a lot of time waking up at night and stalking some people on social media that eventually made you stressed, or you wasted all night overthinking about petty issues. But this year, shun all those thoughts and get your beauty sleep.
  1. Buy something for a homeless person
Next time when you are out to buy something for yourself, buy something extra and give it to a homeless person. That smile on their face will brighten up your day and you will get motivated to do further good in the near future.
  1. Volunteer
Get yourself enrolled in a volunteer program and do something for the betterment of society. Help others; organize a fundraising festival for a special cause that would help someone in a major way. Or you can even volunteer to work in a hospital for some time as a helping hand and take care of the old and ill.
  1. Learn to be a good cook
If food is something that satisfies you, then learn to cook for yourself. Do not rely on someone else or just on restaurants instead take up cooking classes. Even if you are not good at it, you will eventually get better.

Apart from all these, exercise is also of supreme importance in making your life better as it can keep you healthy and fit. So, take steps like setting up a gym in your home or signing up for a nearby gym to ensure that you make exercise a habit.
In short, these are the things that can help you in making your life better in the year 2017. But the betterment of life lies in your decision making and your willpower. Whatever decisions you take, just stick to them to see improvements.

Author's Bio

Evelyn helps people to live a happy and healthier life. She is an established Health and Fitness author (over 12 years of experience) and editor of She also loves writing about people and inspirational stories.

Ali Hair Factory Outlet Store (AliExpress Vendor)

Here in Texas, we don't have that many seasons, but it will officially be winter on December 21st, hence, it is still fall season. I absolutely love the fall, not only do you get to layer on the fashions, but you can layer on the hair. Time to pull out those protective units, which are really yearly hairstyles, but for the most comfortability, I tend to do protective units within the cooler months.  Within south Texas, we have the seasons of  hot, hotter and it may get cooler during the months that are considered winter and then starting March, back to hot and hotter.  However, that is not what this post is about. I have purchased some hair for review. I created a unit from three bundles and a frontal of Peruvian Body Wave from Ali Hair Factory Outlet stores. The bundles were 20", 18", 16" and a 14" frontal. The hair was on a serious discount, so I decided not the color the hair. I have been wearing the hair for two months, and I must say I wasn't very impressed with this hair. I know the saying you get what you pay for, but if you are offering a sale and the hair will go back to regular price within a few weeks, then why would I return back to your store to pay full price, if I believe you will be selling the same quality of hair. Just a question to think about when marketing sales to bring in customers.

Other hair reviews:

1. Fashion Queen Hair
2. Yuth Hunman Hair Galaxy 
3. Bling Hair Factory Outlet Store

As I digress, lets go to the hair:

The hair did come in very basic packaging with labels for the hair's inches and there luckily was no smell in the packaging. The hair came with a net and eyelashes, so Kudos on the trinkets.


The hair bundles were very full and for those that like the thicker wefts, these were very thick.


I did forget to take a picture of the frontal before I bleached the knots, however, the frontal was huge. It wasn't too full, but the hair was very soft and manageable. The minimal baby hairs were very long, as pictured below, but I did like the shape of the hairline on the frontal.  As you can see in the pictures, the frontal is large, and the unfortunate part is it wasn't the same texture as the hair because after the frontal was washed, it became very wavy, (which was bought as a body wave), but the bundles did not wave the same way. I liked that texture of the frontal hair.  The frontal covered too much of the unit and I wasn't experienced enough to cut the frontal, but I would definitely recommend customizing the frontal for proper placement on your unit.

I deep conditioned all of the bundles and allowed all of the hair to air dry before install. As you can see from the pictures, the closure was very wavy, but the bundles weren't as wavy. The bundles actually was pretty straight (first picture below on the top left). There was very little wave to the bundles and I had to manipulate the hair with braids and wet gel, to get a body wave look at the bottom.


So let's recap this hair

-The hair was soft
- The closure was very wavy
-The frontal was full
-The frontal did have a nice shape, if you are one that customizes your frontal
-The length of the hair came to the middle of my back, making it feel longer than 20 inches
-The hair curls pretty well
-The hair retains heat well (If you straighten the hair, it will stay straight until washed)
-There were very little beards on the bundles
-The bundles were very full
-The ends were nice and full

-The frontal was entirely too big for my liking and to fit comfortably on the head. (It will have to be manipulated in order to fit correctly)
-The hair was very frizzy once dry
-There was minimal shedding for the first 30 days, and then it started to shed like snow
-The hair tangles terribly (so while you do have curls, they tangle really bad and it was always difficult to run your hands through the hair)
-The bundles had a different texture from the closure
-During the wash and detangling process, the hair in the frontal came out in the front in patches ( I was still able to cover it with side parts, but I won't be pulling it up in a ponytail.
-While co-washing the hair when I first got it, there was a processing smell, even after deep conditioning.

I was not impressed with this hair.  I have paid less for hair and it has been a better quality than this hair.  However, below are just a few more shots of the hair.  I have also left a link to the seller as they actually have a good rating on Aliexpress. I may have received a bad batch or hair, or the company goes back to the reviewers to request higher ratings. I did rate the hair and did not receive an email requesting a higher rating, so I will count out the second part. It may have been the batch of hair I received; however, I wouldn't recommend this hair to others.

To achieve the style in the below picture, I sprayed the hair with a conditioner and water mix and used Garnier Fructis wet shine gel and braided the hair in four to six braids (I had a party to go to, so I was only able to let the braids sit for an hour or two, rather than through the night.)
 I am not ready yet to show my actual face on the blog, remember we talked earlier about that being work in progress. It is actually on my vision board for next year. 

If you would like to purchase this bundle from Ali Hair Factory outlet, the details are below: - Bundles - Store