Describe Me in One Word

February 18, 2014 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

A lovely pleasure of mine is watching Braxton Family Values.  The show displays disagreements, love, situations, and sometimes resolutions.   Although, the resolution does not come in every episode, while viewing the show, if the ladies do not come to a solution, you can best believe that twitter will come to a resolution for the ladies. It is evident that there is so much love between the sisters, and let’s be honest as women, we are emotional, so having five girls in a family would be a stretch for any of us, not only the Braxton girls.  However, in the episode that aired February 6, 2014, the commentator asked Tamar a question that many of us should ask ourselves.  If you could use one word to describe yourself what would it be?  I must say that Tamar’s answer really hit home, as I think of how view myself. Tamar stated that the one word to describe how she view herself was worthy.  She stated:

I deserve everything that has happened to me. I worked hard.  We think about that when bad things happen to us right? What about when the good things happen to us? Did I put in the work? Yeah I put in the work. Did I kiss a lot of frogs to get my prince? Well yeah I did you know.  Sometimes when you get things handed to you, you don’t get the worth, but I didn’t get anything handed to me, I really worked and so I feel like I am worthy of the pay-off.
-Tamar, Braxton Family Values 

As I look towards my future and view many of the items that has occurred throughout my life and mostly from 2013 going towards 2014, the word that would describe me is “developing”.  I am determined to succeed.  Am I where I want to be in life? No, but I am determined to get there.  As Tamar questions, do we believe we have deserved everything that has come into our life, and honestly, maybe so, but I know I am not finished yet.  I am working on completing my Master’s in Organizational Management and have embarked on starting to blog, lost 50+ pounds and working to change many aspects within my life, hopefully for the better.  I am learning to accept things as they come.  I do think that many times bad things happen to decent people and I am learning every day to use the bad things as a testimony.  

If I had to describe myself in one word it would be “developing.”  I am determined to become a success to myself, I am determined to stay loyal to those that love me, I am determined to get to a point in life where I am completely content; and I must trod that road, however it be fit, because the path has already been laid out for me.  The word “developing” also speaks on my faults as well; I am stubborn, I am hard-headed, and I can be rigid, over-the-top and “extra”.  But, hey I accept me for who I am, do you? Are you in The Solo Alliance?

Feel free to sound off below, what is a SOLO word that could be used to describe yourself. Although you are only using one word, give a little explanation on why you chose that word to describe yourself.