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I Love Me Enough For The Both of Us!

February 16, 2014 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

“Don’t ever make a man tell you more than once, he doesn't want you”
-Judge Lynn Toler’s mother, Divorce Court
As a 30 year old single woman, I must admit that I have had my fair share of romances and a couple that I would venture to say I truly loved. This is to say, I can be my biggest fault in these heartbreaks.  Why? Because I am loyal and willing to go to end of time for love.  If my significant other tells me and have shown me, they love me, who is this diva not to them. Now of course the masses are speaking saying actions speak louder than words.  This is correct but don’t you have to give them a chance to allow their actions to meet there words?  Does it behoove us to immediately make the assumption that if they haven’t given you the world, their actions have discredit their words before they actually get a chance to try to give you the world? If they are making you happy and you are enjoying their presence and they haven’t given you a real reason to doubt they love you, is it possible to believe they love you?
However, I must say that I am one of those with my guard so high from previous experiences, it not only blocks my vision, but it would also block Shaq’s view in the process. So I can answer my question for myself where yep, you still have to show me the world before I believe that you love me, but let’s reach out to those that are open to falling in love and allowing themselves to be loved.

This leads to the statement that I was once an avid abuser of trying to make things right in the relationship because you said you loved me. I have made those mistakes at a point in my life where I allowed a man to tell me, he no longer wanted to be with me more than once.  I was so sure "He changed, he don't want to leave, and I can make him love me." Wrong! Needless to say that absolutely did not work.  Many may be saying oh if he want to go, he can leave.  But ask yourself how many times you have held onto a relationship, where it was obvious that he didn't want to be there.  Don’t worry I’ll wait…

It took a while for me to understand through the up and down relationships “never let a man tell you more than one, he no longer wants to be with you”.  The importance of this statement to the single woman is that I ran after someone who didn't want me and not only did he run all over me, he eventually still left me with a broken heart and a mind full of questions.  I am talking about the “why didn't it…”, “why didn't he…”, and “why would he…” questions.

To the ladies, and not only ladies, I say to you, when you get to the place where you love yourself enough for the entire relationship, there will never be another person that will be able to tell you they no longer want to be with you more than once.
Sound off below!!! Have you taken the time to love yourself enough for an entire relationship?

I must give a shot out to my friend  (she knows who she is), that had this great discussion with me to assist with the title.