If You Knew Better, You Would Do Better

February 22, 2014 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

Something I always hear as a single person without kids is, "You should have more time to get [this or that] done." Well sorry for not having the same items on my plate as you but I do have a life. No, I don't have all this extra time you speak of, I just don't have the same responsibilities you have. How about taking 20 seconds to think of what I may have on my plate to handle?
I do actually have to live a life, but here I am in certain aspects trying to manage my time to add some of your responsibilities on to my life. It's about staying in your lane (not in regards to minding your own business, but correctly accepting tasks in which you are able to perform). No, I may not have PTA meetings, camps, practices, and an entire family to service, but I do have my bills, education, work, and extracurricular life activities I have committed myself to. Your commitments (this includes the family life) were your choice, so why does that mean your time is more valuable than mine. 
You know how much time that you have available and while things do come up, it's your time to manage, as do with my time. Stop dedicating yourself to things that you know for sure you are more than likely not going to be able to complete. I am not going to apologize nor feel bad for the decisions I have made this far to remain solo. Got a gripe and want to discuss how it's so different or can you totally relate, sound off below! Are you in The Solo Alliance?