Oh Really? Single Problems

February 24, 2014 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

Now most singles can say, I have heard every "reason" on why I am single from everybody but me... Heaven forbid, you are getting older in age, because then all the church mothers, grandmothers, couples, and unsolicited others come out of the woodwork with advice on why you are single, how to get you married, and make it seem as if it will be the death of you because you aren't hitched at 30. While, many of us (including me, depending upon the person) just nod our heads and say a little prayer that this subject changes very quickly. 
*in my Kevin Hart voice* " Hey. Let me tell you something.. Nobody cares and here's why..." 
My relationship status should not become one of your life's issues to solve.
Anybody else can relate to the advice below that I really could care less about at this point in my life. Let's take a look below:

1. There is someone for everyone, just wait on it.. 
  • Here's a thought- But you are with somebody NOW, lets not forget when you were going through your single status, you were acting kind of thirsty boo
2. You should be glad you don't have kids and a man to worry about
  • Single thought- well damn.. *sarcastically* Your making me sound lonely made me feel much better. However, let's not forget you have never been without a significant other. Have several seats!
3. It's not like you have anything else to do
  • Hold on a minute, so...because I am single, I am wasting away? I didn't get the memo that I have absolutely have no life.  Yeah, you tried it! 
4. You're just too independent 
  • humm..making sure I take care of myself has now become a problem? Really... Is that real the issue for why I am single (uh No Ma'am)
5. I don't know how you do it. I can't sleep by myself
  • I was born by myself, I will die by myself and have to answer to God by MYSELF.. I promise I can handle sleeping by myself
6. I would be lonely in a house all by myself. 
  • From the stats within this conversation... that's because you haven't truly learned the difference between being alone and lonely. 
7. When are you planning on settling down and having some kids?
  • I didn't plan to be single, I just don't have a problem with it.. I would prefer not to overpopulate my "lonely" home. 
8. I know somebody that will be a good fit for you.
  • I think my being single is more of a problem for you than me. Please stay in your lane. 

Do you have some of my same sentiments, or have you given your friends or family any advice on why they are still single? Let me know in the comments.  Thanks for visiting The Solo Alliance.