Back on my Solo Health

March 27, 2014 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

So lets talk about how in 2013, I lost 52 pounds.  This was an amazing feat, as I have never really been a health conscience person.  I have tried to "diet" multiple times, but it never really went over well.  However, I had a health scare that actually pushed me into living a healthier lifestyle.  No, I wasn't ready, but I embraced this lifestyle change.  Now currently, I am kind of anonymously blogging to see how I like it, so pictures are to come for before and afters, but I do know that I need to get re-motivated, and with that lets add health to the solo blog.  I really have to speak of how I did this feat solo.  I did have motivations (to be mentioned later), but I was in a really small space where I kind of dis-involved myself from people and stayed home a lot.  The funny thing is I wasn't depressed, just in a lone state that I felt I needed.  I worked out everyday doing Zumba on the Wii, I used myfitpal app on my phone to track what I ate,  I cut out a lot of sugars and bread (unfortunately pasta is a weakness, so I altered to wheat pasta), cut out a lot of beef and pork, eating out was few and far between, consumed protein shakes and just adopted a healthier lifestyle.  Well, I allowed myself to go into a place where I really didn't want to go and have not been working out like I use to. I just can't go back to the place in my life where I was 50 pounds heavier and I still have a goal to loose more than the 50 pounds (again more to come with that story), so lets blog my food habits.  I can't guarantee this will be daily, as I have had some major changes in my life recently (still solo, that hasn't changed). But my solo journey begins again; however, this time I may gain a couple of partners along the way.  Are you a part of The Solo Alliance?  Sound off below!