Do Not Be Alarmed, I am Single!

March 01, 2014 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

Can a woman have a successful career and a healthy relationship? Of course, but what about the single woman who has a career but is not currently in a relationship? How is she viewed when she has embarked on a career but has chosen not to enter into a serious relationship? 

Many times as a single career driven woman, we hear the all so popular phrase, where is your husband and kids, or why you don't have a man! (This is no longer a question as it now seems to be more of a demand.) If a man is single, then he is a catch, if a woman is single, then something must be wrong with her. Now my first thought is maybe I don't want a man or why is that any of your business; however, we just calmly say that I am waiting on the right one.

Well... I am actually not waiting but I am just not in the market to seriously date as of right now! It's funny how we are taught and told to not depend on a man, to go out and get your own, yet my success and happiness is being justified with having a man. Yeah, having a family is nice, but it doesn't define me and should not be a topic of conversation when it comes to my single life. The Solo Alliance continues...

Sound off below with what justifies your happiness and success in life.