Old Maid

March 22, 2014 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

So, what's the issue with a 30 year old woman with no kids? Don't worry, I'll wait...
Just as I thought, there isn't an issue, however, I still get the questions, where's your man or honey, what are you waiting on? Or conversing with the opposite sex, do you have a man? Why is that your first question when we first start conversing? Now the suspicious side of me, would say your guilty conscience is asking the question for you; but that would bring up another issue with why I am single. (Another day, another post.) Nevertheless, what happened to starting a conversation with a topic of interest or how are you doing today?Weren't you taught you catch more flies with honey!! 

The issue these days is that many people are in relationships and still looking, instead of figuring out if the person they are with is the right person for them. Now of course, there is the question, after it has been determined that you don't have a man, how many kids do you have? Chile, if you have none, ring the alarm, now you are in old maid status, playtime status, use you to get away from the family status, or good she's not trying to settle down status. Why can't it just be I am responsible for my future outcome status? It's funny that I still remember telling my mother I wasn't getting married, did I jinx myself? Maybe so, but I am alright with being 30, single and mingling. Let Lil' (I have issues with a grown woman being called "Lil" anything) Mo' tell it, there are many negative reasons why we are single and she will never have to worry about being single. Please have several seats because you are continuously making yourself pointless. To be continued... Are you in the solo alliance? Sound off below!!