The Truth is.. (They Hate Being Single Radar)

March 04, 2014 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

So singles are happy until they get home and realize they are terribly lonely right? Uh Wrong! Who started that rumor? Yes I said rumor because contrary to popular belief, when I get home to my empty house, I feel at peace. I make love to my queen size bed and snuggle with my pillow.. Now while some may think this is sad, it's obvious I don't think so. Try stretching out sideways with a person in your bed and tell me how that works out for you. "I know I can be a little selfish but don't judge me, I'm just human"... Aww hell judge me, I don't care! 

Its amazing the stereotype behind being single. While some people want to be in relationships, there are some that know they are not ready to be in a relationship and its called being responsible for yourself.  Maybe there are reasons behind why they would like to wait on being in a relationship, and that is fine, as long as they are happy.  Give a single person the single -hating radar check and find out if secretly they want a relationship but are fronting for the cameras. 

*In my best Riley voice*
Alright Granddad, Does he/she...

  • Tell you to quit your mate every time you mention an issue you are having in your relationship?
*Girl, if I was you, I would leave him... No you wouldn't
  • Not want to go out with the group because he/she doesn't have a significant other
*I don't have a date, so I am not about to be a third wheel... Nobody checking for you.
  • Always act thirsty when they go out
*This is seen in actions, like if they aren't getting any attention from their respective choices, they become Debbie or Dougie- downer
  • Always remind people that they don't need a man
  • Remind you on every occasion that they don't have to answer to anyone
*I am single, so I can stay out as long as I want, or oh is that your man/girl checking on you, I'm glad I don't have that issue
  • Always asks if your new boo has a friend for them
*Does he/she have a single family member or friend for me (This is committed every time a gathering of friends get together)
  • Always bash the opposite sex anytime the opportunity arise
  • Always blames everyone else for the reason they are single
*There aren't any good men/women out here or they aren't able to handle my independence, my mouth, (insert any other lame excuses here)

If you can answer yes to any three of the questions, then more than likely you (or someone you know) hates the single life and really want a relationship. As a happily single woman, I know being single is an option, but let's be real some people don't believe this and the above is why. Being single is not for everyone and it won't always be your choice. Keep in mind the always category, because more times than not, they are a habitual offender of the above reasons when they are not happy being single. Some may be saying isn't this a singles blog, yes it is and we are discussing the good and bad. 
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