Keeping Up with The Solo Alliance

April 07, 2014 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

Well... there are a lot of changes in my life, but they are solo changes.  You know the items that I feel I need to handle by myself.  Unfortunately, this has taken time from my blog, but this blog continues to assist with my growth each day.  This is because I am trying to better manage my time and it is proving that single people do have a lot more going on in there life rather than being "lonely" and wasting away.  Not that this is ever said (*side eye*), but we will just put that out in the universe just in case.  These last couple of weeks were really busy, as I am trying to get used to this new job (I have a dream job but that is for a different topic at a different time), lets just say this isn't the one, with this different schedule and trying to ensure that I am able to complete my school assignments.  There are just many items that are occupying my brain power, when actually I would prefer to be occupying my time reading and writing.  Well, I guess it just means I must play catch up and continue to speak it into the universe.  Are you are a part of The Solo Alliance? Are you noticing a change in your life, sound off below!! *Smooches*