I've Got Work to do

July 22, 2014 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

Lesson are learned through trial and error, and a need to be great is trying to drive me, but a look at my current situation is what hinders me.  There appears to be a plethora of things that I need to do to be great, but this is only my thought process.  The same thought process that hinders success. Hopefully looking at the actual list will assist me with either appreciating my situation for what it is or realizing what is needed to be completed to achieve "greatness."  Now since we have been sharing, let's take a look at my list.  

  • Lose _ lbs ( I wasn't ready yet)
  • Try to stop worrying so much (there are many things, I can't change)
  • Start a business ( I have a couple of ideas)
  • Continue my hobby of making jewelry ( I also want to learn to sew)

While this list seems small, it seems to be the hardest things in my life to complete, so the question is how to get this done. Sound off below with tips, suggestions, amen corners, or emotional outbursts. Are you a part of The Solo Alliance?