Single Activities on Valentine's Day

February 11, 2015 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

“What, your friend Jean is having some sort of membership drive? Dorothy, I know you don’t get many dates, but stick with what you know.”

-  Sophia Petrillo, Golden Girls

Valentine's Day is sometimes referred to as Singles' Awareness Day, but lets turn that negative into a positive. First off, there isn't anything wrong with being single. And... so??? I was aware of being single before this holiday.  Let's really breakdown this "single awareness day." You are single, but that doesn't change the fact that you were and maybe still are single every other day and on other holidays. Does this mean that you have to hate all other days and holidays? If the answer is no, then you shouldn't hate Valentine's Day either. There are people that love celebrating holidays and should not let being single determine which ones they should be able to celebrate. 

Well, if you are single and would like to celebrate, let's brainstorm some ideas.

  • Go ahead and go to the movies, but pick a time that is best for you

-See Fifty Shades of Grey, The Wedding Ringer, or any other movie that you have been wanting to view

  • Go to dinner and sit at the bar instead of a booth or table

- You never know who you may run into just for conversation

  • Get a group to go to dinner

-There must be one single person that you know, if you don't know one, find one! -each person must invite one single friend and before you know it, there is a group and you now have a party. You may even change your status in the process.

  • Find a singles event in your area.

-Just google single events (insert your city)
-  (San Antonio link)
- (San Antonio link)

These are some brainstorming ideas, if you would like to celebrate, then celebrate but definitely don't feel that this holiday is meant for couples, while we are happy that they are able to display their love and affection. Love and affection doesn't only have to be shared between couples, it can also be displayed within your solo alliance. Are you in The Solo Alliance? Happy Valentine's Day!