The Solo Alliance is no longer the Singled- Out Gazette *Update*

October 27, 2015 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

I felt an update was needed and while this is still The Solo Alliance; I needed something catchier. The name update complete with the changes of the blog will allow us to encompass some of everything. The changing helps me to find a place in this blogging world. Its research, and trying to put a mark on what I am trying to do. I am not too sure how this change will work, but it is trying to change in order to find out if I will rise or fall. 

*There is updated information below, but I chose to keep the original content because it helps me follow patterns in my thinking and blogging behavior. Thanks for staying on the ride*

I have always been a thinker, organizer, analyzer, logical personality type. We all know the personality tests that are taken to determine how one would deal with the opposite personality.  The funny thing is though I normally test high on the analyzer scale, I exhibit many of the feeler, facilitator, also I can tend to be an advocate, not so much entertainer but idealistic. Many of the tests that I take normally place me in the INFJ category or something similar. According to my results, which definitely works with my life, my strategy is constant improvement or should I say more so looking for constant improvement. Some may think I don't take criticism well, but actually I do take criticism in heavy thought for improvement. I hate to make the same mistake twice and must learn from my mistakes. It is how the "feedback" is relayed that sometimes make me not understand that it is not actually criticism but is meant to be feedback. In this rant, I go to say help me with anything you see can be improved or would help me in the future of this blog. This is a new start and I know that there is always room from improvement. How can we improve without given knowledge? I didn't want this post to be a commentary rather than an excerpt, but as my fingers type, it appears to be going that way and I am fine with that.  

I chose not to start all over because I like to see my progress, and will continue with this blog until life takes me to other options,

So anyways, back to the change of The Solo Alliance handle, I think I am going to try Singled- Out Gazette as the name, so these changes will be going in effect slowly but surely. Let me know what you think!! 

If you would like to take a try at the various personality tests that I took, see links below. Plus I have linked my personality results just so that you can get a glimpse into the creator of Singled- Out Gazette. 

Personality tests

16Personalities  Test

Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test™

***UPDATE***- I have changed the title back to the original name that I started with. It is definitely a task but my thinking is that it will be totally worth it by the end of the year. Look for a bigger, better page and hopefully better things to come for me with pursuing my love of writing and sharing. I am working harder to open up and this blog was started to assist with that option; however, I have notice myself continuously reverting back to the close shell, So, I will try and focus energies on making my blog better. Look forward to my upcoming posts, explaining all these changes in detail.