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ROS (Return on Shopping): Ebates

December 06, 2015 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

So, I am officially hooked on Ebates. I am sure we all have seen the commercial, but lets dive into some details.  I have been using Ebates for a while and have received almost $400 in cash back from purchases and set up. I got cash back for setting up U-verse TV and Internet account with AT&T and purchases from several stores at which I normally online shop. How many times will you move and have to change services, or look into purchasing items for your nice new apartment? I save a ton during sale events at J.C. Pennys, Kohl's, Macy's, plus many others and am able to see a return on my shopping.  I look at the cash back as extra coupons in the form of a check or you can get cash back to your Pay Pal account if you choose to do so.  I am an avid  online shopper because many items are sometimes hard to find in store and who wants to travel all around town searching for that sweater to match your new boots, or a cute outfit for your birthday.  I normally try to start the process of online shopping, if I know something is coming up, in advance. However, what about when you are browsing the online sites and see something on sale that you really want? Why not get paid to purchase that item that will possibly sit until the next season when you are able to wear the item? Or why not get a reward for purchasing that gift off a wedding or baby registry, its not selfish, it is SAVINGS.  The great incentive is that the set up and process is at absolutely no charge to you, yes it is FREE to set up and start earning cash back.  There are no hidden fees and trust me, I am skeptical about everything.  I have had an issue in college and that cost me a pretty penny with believing things that are just too good to be true.  The only drawback is if you forget to go on Ebates first before you go to the website, but that is few and far between because Ebates has an app for your phone and a cash back button that will pop up whenever you go a website that is affiliated with Ebates. 

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Are you ready to sign up for Ebates? If so, follow the link below and earn a $10.00 cash bonus, yes that is right, they start you out with the option for a $10.00 cash bonus for signing up and starting your saving process.  

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

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