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Suit, Skirts, and Ties: Inexpensive Office White Elephant Gift Ideas

December 14, 2015 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

So I will do research for any and everything, which seems to be the need for today's society. Hence, the overwhelming success of blogs; therefore, I was inspired to make this blog entry.  I was trying to figure out what the purchase for our office white elephant. Let's note some important factors; we could only spend up to $10.00, it’s an office, and its co-ed.  This presented my conundrum, because I am an analyzer. I over think everything! 

Let's dive into my conundrum.  While there are a number of great options that have been placed out there for creative ideas for white elephant gifts, I had to remain professional. I see the white elephant gift exchange at work as a way to make gift giving fun, but no so much as an option for pranks. I wanted to go about my gift for the exchange in a way that I dedicate to helping someone get a gift that they can use and/or want. First thought that came to my mind was a spiffy mug, but we are in an office with a closed container restriction, so I ruled out open mugs. I know some white elephants do a lot of prank gifts, but knowing my luck, I will be the one to get the gift that doesn't keep giving, so I am trying to put some karma out in the air. Now, I know I can go the easy route and bring either gift cards or lottery tickets (which are more than fine, as we know this is a busy season), but I would prefer to put some thought into the gift, just not all my thoughts.

So this brings me to how I thought I could help the next person not to over think this process.  So through my research, I found some pretty awesome items, for under $10.00.  All items will be linked through the pictures and additional links will be added to places where item is under $10.00. 

Cocktail book (cheap white elephant gifts)
I was able to find this one on amazon for 10.99, which is why it was included in the list.

Deep Tea Diver (cheap white elephant gifts)

Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags (Brit+Co) 

Recycle and trash can desk pen holders (dodoburd)

Wooden Desk Organizer / Pen Holder / Office Supplies Caddy with Dual Chalk & Dry Erase Message Boards (Amazon)

I am sure this list will update as I continue to research possibly office gift ideas, but these are just some of the items that I was able to find and am sharing, if you are in need of ideas for office gift buying on a strict budget. I figured that I liked these and they could help to possibly keep karma on my side and be a neat item of exchange for an office party. Let me know in the comments if you have any other great office presents under $10.00.