Communication Recklessness

January 04, 2016 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

Your theory is crazy, but it's not crazy enough to be true.- Niels Bohr

Have you ever notice how some people have different forms of courage within the communication spectrum rather than in-person. No, I am not talking about the start-drama, all in your face, pushed me to the limit courage, but referring more to the, I can get away with making the most senseless statement over social networking communication or mobile communication rather than face-to face interaction?
Ok, let’s dissect the previous question. Now I know we have all read or seen a post that makes us think, Are you serious? Like really?

So let’s go into examples, one would be knowing the characteristics of a person, and they make a statement about what aggravates them so much; but you know (and they know too), they are a repeat offender of the same said situation. This is communication recklessness. Why? Because they know if they were face– to– face, you would give them this look:

However, on the communication front, we as “friends, social acquaintances, lovers, family, or whatever” either let it go, praise them, or continuing feeding on the senseless statement they just made.

Detailed Example 1
The status: Honey, when I am done with him, I will send him home.  Or, that's not your man, that's our man.            
Later that day...
Their status: These girls who are fine with being number two need to get their life right.  I refuse to be anybody’s side chick.
Sample comment from same person: I refuse to let any man play me like a side chick. My man know better than that. 
*thoughts*-is this the same man you are sending home to his girlfriend or a different man 
Same day 1 hour Later...
Their status:  I can’t believe the statuses that I am reading on my timeline, some people are always either in some drama or talking about some drama.  Don’t nobody care about your stupid statuses.
Verdict- 45 Facebook likes 


Detailed Example 2
My customer service reps can totally relate, have you ever been in a retail store and noticed that the situation of getting some undeserved item goes a lot different than over the phone.  This is because while you do have to maintain customer service in all aspects, your facial expression is very noticeable in direct contrast to over the phone communication, where in your expression cannot be “intimidating”.  Not really intimidating, but a “Please don’t try me”  or "do you really think you are going to continue to curse me out" look can go a long way. (I don’t think an explanation is needed, but sound off below if there is any confusion)

Detailed Example 3

Twitter fingers!! (should be enough said, but I will continue). Commenting on people statuses about things that they either know nothing about or those who feel the need to respond back to the negative rather than the positive. 
First off, there is a difference between an opinion/constructive criticism and being mean or being straight-forward/blunt and being rude. Everything you think does not and I repeat DOES NOT have to be voiced or put on record. Likewise, its hard to let everything that people say mean to you go, but sometimes its not worth it. Its not being seen a soft, its being seen as growth and wisdom. "Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools speak because they have to say something" - Plato. The need to be seen sometimes bring negative people to a point where they are requiring attention from where ever they can garner attention, including being mean. Just remember that what you put out in the world, is what you can guarantee to most likely receive back.  

Let’s think about this communication courage that seriously needs to be adjusted people.  Sound off below!!