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Creating Social Circles

May 17, 2016 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

I get along with people fairly well, or at least I try (wow, does this mean more likely than not). However, there are instances were I am very introverted. I tend to stick with a certain circle. I do adapt to my surroundings, but many times I would prefer my circle to be myself, a book, my computer, or a pen and some paper. While this may sound like a drama-free life, it is also not a good way to live life.

Issue 1- I tend to have too much time to think and over think. While working the mind should be an exercise, too much time to think can pose a problem, possibly creating events that really aren't there or the events didn't really occur in that manner per se.

Issue 2- Having limited friends and limited points of view. Therefore, playing into issue number one. your thoughts become gold to yourself. No real rebuttal, unless you attempt to rebuttal yourself, and this is a no judgment zone, but I would like to know how well that goes.

Issue 3- Is the art of letting go. Its easier to get over issues when you are happy. Its easier to be happy when you have other things to think about. Chatting it up with others help you to vent, listen and process concerns and issues. Many times this lads to moving on, rather than dwelling in the problem. This may also assist with finding a resolution if needed.

Issue 4- The aspect of limited  resources, and not just for need, but also for assistance. When you don't have many friends or at least have developed a circle, you tend to have to depend on yourself at all times.  Being independent at all times is very hard because it is almost impossible.  This becomes troublesome wit multiple things that need not be listed as you probably get the point.

While I love the independence and love the learning experiences, as I get older, I am realizing more and more the need for having a wider circle.