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A Call to Action

July 26, 2016 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

I started blogging to get rid of thoughts and possibly learn new behaviors. Something that I can do anonymously (for now) but have a voice.  It's funny how life takes you in so many directions. Where you think you will be, you aren't at that place and what you say you will never do, you find yourself doing.  How do one make a plan and succeed? As a thinker, I figure to be successful, write a plan and put it in action. The problem isn't really writing the plan, but the action of the plan. How does one who is so afraid of failure, fail to succeed (this is a statement, not a question). I have so many ideas and thoughts, that I have to write them down. I put my thoughts out to view so that I can help myself understand that there are others that have the same thoughts, have the same ideas, and may be in the same place. It may assist with others giving advice on previously having these thoughts and ideas and how these thoughts and ideas put them in a place for success. Most people wouldn't know how organized I am, or all the creative things I like to research and put my own touch on. I could tell them, but I don't feel like I use it a lot for my good. However, this post will not end with the reasons why I haven't fully succeeded. I do have a plan of action, but as previously stated, it’s the execution that keeps me settled. How did you complete your plan of action, what did you do to keep your motivation to keep going? Sound off below. Thanks for visiting. **Smooches**