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Happiness Is A Choice!

August 09, 2016 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments


So I had the pleasure of creating a presentation for work that described how I am choosing to be positive and the changes that I was making towards keeping a positive stance to become effective and successful. At some point in my life, I took my friend's advice and I chose to be happy.  I had to tell myself people can only hurt you with what you allow them to hurt you with and this became one of my mantra's. I wrote it and said it until I got it! Well once I choose to be happy, I had to figure out how to effectively use these positive vibes. 

I knew that everyday would not be rainbows and unicorns, but I knew I needed a way to remain constant. The solution was just choosing to be happy. One thing I wanted to start working on was time management. I was doing a touch base with one of the supervisors and I was telling her about my hobbies that help me clear my mind, such as DIYs, reading, and blogging; as well as the things that I wanted to work on to become more efficient. She then mentioned that what I was doing was Sharpening my Saw. I was like what does that mean, and she said research it and come back to me with the answer. So I proceeded to research the idea of Sharpening my Saw. My findings brought me to Stephen Covey and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Well, after reading and researching snippets, I just had to read more and learn more about what I was doing to become efficient. I appreciated this book, because it wasn't about becoming a great worker or finding out how to do your job best, it was about becoming a better you. This led me to more clarity on my choice to be happy. I highly recommend this book, because it will eloquently speaks on what you as a person can do to make sure that you are living towards bettering yourself.  

Stephen Covey

These are the major points of the book; however, when you read the book, the clarity of choosing happiness will make all of these points seem so easy to obtain. Find the book at any bookstore or library and tell me what you think.

I am not sponsored by the company, nor is this post sponsored. I have linked the website in this post if you would like to read more about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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