Solo Activities

August 21, 2016 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

I have revamped and re-thought a lot of my ideas for this blog, and gained new ones in the process. while I would love to chill out, I am on a mission at this moment, but believe me, I know how to chill out solo. So let's talk about singles' activities that help you chill out on Sunday. 

Go to a church service- This is an activity that starts as a single activity, allows you to congregate, and then leave as a single person. Don't go to church looking for a significant other, look for guidance. I can honestly say that I don't have any friends that go to church looking for a S.O., but I am sure we may all know someone who have spoken about their one friend, associate, co-worker, or congregation member that is on a mission. 

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Take a walk in nature- This will not only help with health, but it also allows you to relieve stress, listen to tunes or nature and think. I love birds, and what better way to see them then in their natural habitat, even the ones that are at the duck pond near my house that I call "OG birds" because they will chase you down even without food.

Go to a matinee-  Do you have a movie that you would like to see with little interruption. Don't go during busy times, such as night. Try to get to the movies as early as possible, and I would recommend comedy or action, but those are some of my favorite genres. 

Work-Out- Break out your favorite work out DVD, Zumba game or just crank up the tunes and dance like you have never danced before. While this doesn't seem so chill, after you finish, I promise you will feel relaxed (now if you haven't done this in a while, you may be sore the next day depending on your get down).

Soak in the tub- Some people have a issue with soaking in the bathtub, but if you don't and you need to relieve some thoughts that have been traveling through your mind, Get the oils, lavender, bubble bath, Cal-gone take me away, Epsom Salts and/or candles and just relax. 

Do a hobby that requires only your own exertion- My hobbies of choice are arts and crafts and DIYs. Some people like to browse YouTube or Google blogs (hopefully mine is on your list) bake, cook, meal-prep, anything that gives you a sense of calm and satisfaction.

Finish that book that you were reading or start a book that you wanted to read- While I have completed the Discovery of Witches books and waiting for book 4, I am looking into other books that I would like to read. Stay tuned for my upcoming book blog (shameless plug ha ha).

Catch up on your favorite TV series- My choice is to do a Sunday Golden Girls marathon and end with my Living Single DVDs while I am writing blog posts. 

I am sure that you have many ideas and thoughts on activities that you are able to complete solo and I would love to hear how you chill out on your off days. Tell me about something you do in the comments below. Thanks for visiting The Solo Alliance **smooches**