Creating A Vision Board

September 14, 2016 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

I didn't put my vision board up at the beginning of the year, but I did some tweaking and updating for what I would like to see within the next five years. Although it may appear that I am behind, a vision board is a vision board and who says that it has to be posted at the beginning of the year. My goals are goals that I would like to accomplish within a year, two years and five years. I love temporary planning for trips, meetings, itineraries, and monthly planning; however, I have a real issue with long-term planning as I hate when things don't go the way I plan. Hey I am a work in progress. I am learning that the same way I know I am not perfect, life will not be perfect either. I need to create plans and when obstacle come, I have to choose another direction. One of my mantras is "progress is definitely a process", and as I look towards meeting goals successfully, I must continue to remember this quote. 

What is a vision board?

A vision board helps you clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. A vision board is used for displaying images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

What are the benefits of having a vision board?

Creativity- Whether you are using it for life goals or for certain plans, it allows you to decorate a creative space within your own realm.
Visualization- A vision board allows you to view your goals daily. It gives you a constant reminder and motivation when you come across obstacles and deterrents. 
Focus-  It doesn't matter if you create a digital vision board or a physical vision board, this allows you to focus on specified goals

How do I create a vision board?

Creating a vision board will be specified to your taste. I love DIY projects as well as the creativity available in digital products. If you would like to create a digital vision board, its easy and not to mention free on fototalisman.com

Without further ado, lets look into my vision boards:

Year 1

There are a few things I would like to do within year 1 but baby steps as many of these are more wants than needs. The main need is working on my health and faith. Unfortunately, my very, very old (I am talking 1st generation) IPad stopped charging on me recently, so I must replace it and I broke my favorite digital camera, so I need to purchase a new one.  Other items on the board are pretty self-explanatory, but the balancing balls are my want to find stability and the money is building up my savings. 

Year 2-3

After continuing my road to stability and a healthy savings, I am looking more into opportunities in years 2-3. Health will continue to be top on my vision board, but by year 2 to 3, I am looking towards finding the keys to success, diving deeper into my hobbies with creativity, continuing to grow in my faith, more traveling, and possibly a new car. I would like to upgrade to a bigger car, but my sedan is doing the job for right now and this is a want that I am really on the fence about.

Year 4-5

My main focus within my five year plan is being able to do what I love full time and allowing my creative juices to monetize my life. I would love to start working for myself or allowing me to use my education to keep me financially stable. I would also like to go into home ownership, even if I am not settling down with a family. I would like to become more educated in investments and continuing to open door of success. The money in year one is to be used for savings towards my five year plan. 

What is one thing on your vision board that you have completed, and what is one thing that you have had to change your directions towards? I would love to see or read about your vision boards. Sound off below or tag us on Instagram #thesoloalliancevisionboard. Thanks for visiting The Solo Alliance.