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Single Friends Included

September 29, 2016 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

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Being a single woman in this day and age isn't an uncommon thing; however, at this age (30+) you may have a number of friends that have joined the life of marriage and children. I am one of those that have not joined the life of marriage and kids, but this shouldn't mean that I find new friends. I have gained quite a babysitting trust list following from the friends when they need that night on the town with their significant other. However, I would think that instead of rearranging my friends, it just means finding activities in which all of us can relate.  What are some things that you can do in order to relate to each other in the group? Normally when people get together, they talk about events that are happening or matter within their lives; for instance, speaking about their children and home life. This should not be off-limits but if there are people within the gathering that can't relate, it can make it a little awkward if they are silent the entire time.

Let's look at this possible group: two in the group are married with children, two are in a relationship, and one is single without any kids. This group appears to look as if someone is going to be left out, doesn't it? Nope, there are a multitude of ways that this group have great conversations and events.  Let's look at some activities and topics that will allow everyone to be included.

Create a Girls' Night In (GNI) that has a theme- My friends and myself have created beauty nights, seafood nights, baking nights, sundae buffet night and many more that center around topics of discussion geared towards things that we all have in common. Normally this leads to talk about wines, foods, hobbies, goals, accomplishments, reminiscent memories, and secrets.


Closet Clean Up- Taken straight from a page of Sex and the City, help your friends out and find a cleaning spree closet or room, great wine or apple cider, tunes and set the stage for a closet clean up. It doesn't have to be limited to a closet, while I don't share kids, I do share memories and if it is the kids room that need the overhaul, we are there to get that room cleaned up and out of the way.

Movie Night- Movie nights don't always have to be with the significant other, why not find a movie that you all have been wanting to see that the significant other more than likely didn't want to see.  Dinner and a movie works for all and the great thing is you can go out or stay in.

Stress-Relief Happy Hour-  Send out that email or text that says we are relieving stress, so we are only talking gossip, celebrity gossip, friend gossip, my gossip, your gossip, anything but what has us stressed or busy, i.e. work, significant others or kids and once we are done it stays at happy hour and back to our normal routines.

Makeovers- Most women like to play in makeup right, and it's not only for the kiddos. I have a great makeup palette that would go well for a future date night with the significant other, or lets pair together some of your outfits for the coming business week or your upcoming date night. 


Advice Series-  Get the girls together and have positive discussions, such as new quotes, finding new blogs, inspiration, books. Recommendations include my guest post on Smear (shameless plug):

These are just a list of some events that can help with not feeling like you are missing out on life because you are single, and can help those in relationship make sure that they have quality time with their single friends. We do still have a lot in common even though life has taken us on different paths. How do you create awesome outings or innings that make for an awesome time with your girlfriends? Did you find an idea that could definitely work for you and your friends?