Why The Golden Girls?

October 01, 2016 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

Now most people that know me, know I love (I mean like an obsessed love) The Golden Girls. Marathons are my forte and nothing is more relaxing then watching back- to- back episodes of these four marvelous women. So my friend and I were having a discussion on why The Golden Girls are still relevant. We came up with a nice list of reasons that The Golden Girls still appeal to the millennials.

Jokes- Let's not talk about the endless jokes that go on every episode. To this day, no matter how many times I have saw the episode, I will laugh at many of the jokes within the episode. Its entirely too many to count or to name the favorites, but I must say from one of my favorite episode, a joke that still makes me LOL is "I have managed to live eighty years, one day I will sneeze and stable Mable here will blow my head away." Who can name that episode? What are some of your favorite jokes from The Golden Girls?

Single Life- now of course when The Golden Girls came out, being single wasn't as widespread among the younger generation as it is now. I mean three of them were widows and one had been married for "38 years." Now singles are widespread and totally acceptable 30 and over and this show has definitely opened doors for many shows displaying younger (almost everyone would be younger than the Golden Girls) singles, Living Single, Sex and the City, Will and Grace. What are some other good shows with main characters who are single?


Dating Woes- While online dating wasn't a big to do in the eighties, the blind dates, newspaper hookups and mis-matches were numerous on this show. I mean lets be real, Blanche had a five subject composition book (not really, but was definitely sizes did compare) of just guys that she "dated."  The mismatched pairs were numerous, which is definitely what you will most likely get during the trials of online dating. There was Dorothy's situation with dating a priest, Dorothy and Dr. Elliot, Rose dating "The Cheese Man", Rose dating Al (the dead man), Blanche dating Stanley (yes we know it wasn't a relationship, but they went on dates), Blanche and Ham, Sophia dating Marvin. I am sure that you can find so many other unlikely pairs between the four, name some down below in the comments.

Controversial Topics- I was a child when The Golden Girls first aired, but I can imagine when they touched on many of the topics within this show, what type of feedback may have came.  The Golden Girls dedicated episodes towards many things that are still barriers in today's society, so I can imagine how these episodes were received over twenty years ago. They talked about AIDS, interracial dating, same gender relations, single mothers, teen pregnancy, age discrimination, and many more. They opened conversation in television. What other topics can you name that would have been a sensitive subject in the late 80s, early 90s.


Queens of Shade Throwing- I mean it definitely started with queens on how to properly throw shade. Even Rose had the juice. Of course, my pic for the best shade throwing is going to go to Dorothy. Now I know most may say Sophia, but hers were very much ornery funny. If I had to give a good shade throwing line, I would pick "“Blanche, have you heard the new ad campaigns? Join the Navy, see the world and sleep with Blanche Devereaux, “Join the Army, be all you can be and sleep with Blanche Devereaux, and The Marines are looking for a few good men who haven’t slept with Blanche Devereaux!" Dorothy's were pun related funny. Which golden girl do you believe is deserving of the shade trophy?


Many times we hear our parents say, "you aren't doing anything I haven't already done," you always think, they have no idea. However, although The Golden Girls was a sitcom, it talked about real subjects and that is why they are still relevant today, because these are still subjects in everyday life. Stay tuned, because I have way more subjects to relate with The Golden Girls.  What other subjects would you like to discuss about The Golden Girls, put them down in the comments or send the requests to info@kaythesoloalliance.com. Thanks for visiting The Solo Alliance ***Smooches***

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