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Birthday Achievement

March 14, 2017 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

Welcome birthday, March 14th! So, did you come back for the update or are you new to my site? Well lets chat. I am about to do something extremely scary. Scary because I know that walls are being lowered, and that I am growing and hopefully evolving. As you read this, you may be thinking, what has her so hesitant? I have been writing and sharing on this blog to break down barriers. While saying that I am trying to break down these barriers, I have also been blogging anonymously.  Tell me how does that work? It hasn't worked too well for me because I realized that this continued to allow me to create and enforce a barrier within an outlet (well what I created as an outlet).  Therefore; let's revamp, regroup, get my life. While I will keep many of the original posts as a reminder of how far I come, I want to introduce you to Kay.  As you browse through the posts, you will notice some updates if you have been reading this blog for a while. If you are new, I am ecstatic that you have visited and hope that you will return.  I will say that The Solo Alliance is a family regardless of what the name implies. As you read through the blog, you may realize why I have named my blog "The Solo Alliance." My mom always said when we invite people in our home, they should always feel welcomed. So please feel free to browse through the site as I have done something that I thought was impossible. I didn't think I was ready, and can't honestly say completely why I think I am ready now, but I am going to give it a shot.

I am probably still speaking in riddles and I know this may not make much sense, but it will make more since as you continue to read or maybe it may not, I am a work in progress. I want to personalize my opinions and brand my facts. I think this may be part of the reason that I want to personalize my blog, but I know there is much more. The negativity that can come with bringing your opinions to the world can become overwhelming but that is why they are opinions. My opinions that you may agree or disagree with, but I would hope that it would be in debate and not maliciously. I have also realized that this is my blog and not only do I control what I post, I can control what I wish to see and read. 

So.. I am now personalizing my site where you can put a face with the words. Hopefully you will introduce yourself to me, so we can become more acquainted.  Again thank you for visiting The Solo Alliance.  Stay tuned!!!