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Brunch With Tiffany Webisodes

March 16, 2017 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

Currently VH1 is broadcasting Tiffany "Miss New York" Pollard having brunch with pals, named "Brunch With Tiffany" No copyright infringement intended. There are currently two short episodes and there will be one episode added each month. 

Tiffany Pollard is visiting different restaurants in New York for brunch while conversing with some of her influential pals. According to VH1, "You already know and love Tiffany Pollard from her days as "New York" on VH1's Flavor of Love and I Love New York. Now, get ready to spend more time with her and her famous friends over brunch and cocktails on Brunch With Tiffany. Every month, Tiffany will be gathering gossip at iconic New York City restaurants, and no topic is off limits. You won't want to miss this". 

I have watched both episodes and I am not going to give a full on summary of the show because I really think for the purposes of discussion and because it is actually entertaining, you should watch it. But I will start off our discussion. 

Talk about interesting women convos at brunch. Do you think there is ever too much information revealed between women? I hope you answered no to the aforementioned question, because these webisodes will give you an earful from Tiffany and her pals. While Sheryl Lee Ralph is more demur, Sandy Morgan definitely gives us some hot tea about herself. I like that Tiffany is keeping her personality while meeting with different personalities. I will say the series is very relatable as Tiffany speaks with her pals about things that myself and my friends also chat about at a dining table. I did chuckle and at times full out hollered during the episodes as Tiffany will always give you an over-the-top performance. I must say that it feels odd to keep typing Tiffany instead of how we were all mostly introduced to her- Miss New York, but I digress. She definitely doesn't hold her tongue on the webisodes as she speaks with her gal pals, from vaginal rejuvenation to flying high as a kite. I must say that I can totally see myself sitting at brunch with Tiffany. She brings out personal information from her pals that is quite refreshing because it is absolutely hilarious. There aren't many cons about the webisodes other than, I would appreciate longer episodes as I can only imagine what else is said at their brunch. Overall, it appears to be a good series sure to give laughter and make you wonder just where in the world is Tiffany's filter button. 

Have you already watched any of the webisodes for "Brunch with Tiffany"?  If so, lets chat below, if not, catch an episode on VH1's, Brunch With Tiffany and join the chat.