I Need A Girls Trip - Movie Review

July 31, 2017 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

I needed some "me" time and decided to go see Girls Trip, starring Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall, and Tiffany Haddish. I must say this movie was really conventionally good. It was very entertaining and as many have said, Tiffany had her breakout role.  I will note that the roles Queen Latifah and Regina Hall played are going to make you feel as if you have seen them in that role before; because you have.  As previously stated, Tiffany did have a breakout role in the movie, but I can't really see much depth put into her role. It was her usual funny self, very outspoken and a joke for days (some probably would compare her to the "Angela" of the Why Did I Get Married Movies). I must remember that Lisa Raye did her breakout role as a stripper, so while I fear Tiffany's type of role will be a request for her, I won't count her out yet for variety.  I did experience, with this movie, similar vibes from previous movies like The Woods, The Brothers, With this Ring, but tons of more laughter. I laughed throughout most of the movie.  The relationship between "Dina" and "Lisa" seemed the most authentic, as it worked the best. However, I appreciate the Set It Off reference in the movie and how each character needed the support from their cast members.

Now, you know we try not to ruin the experience of the movie for others, but there are some things in the movie that definitely resonated with us at The Solo Alliance.  (*pops lips) Let's Chat!

  •  The placating ways of "Stewart" did not sit well, didn't care for it at all.
  • I appreciated all of the support the girls had for each other even when all their chips were down, but when they let each other have it, it was all out there and I did feel like they kind of ganged up on Sasha.
  •  Why is there always one person in these movies with the same type of money problem (Think Like a Man, The Best Man Holiday)?
  • There were events left with too many questions (the plastic greeting at the beginning of the trip with Sasha and Ryan, did they all still reside in the same state, the relationship between Ryan and Julian previously, I need answers!)
  • There was a point where money was definitely a driving force, but it wasn't ever addressed perse (Ryan continued to accept issues whenever money was mentioned, her relationship with Sasha because of her running after money)
  • Why did everybody have a last name but Dina (random I know)

I would love to discuss some of the events that happened, so at this point, I will say possible spoiler alert.

"Single women are the in thing."  While we at The Solo Alliance speak about living a fulfilled life from a single woman point of view, the movie didn't center around single women. It centered around women having fun with their friends.  You got some great music, great drinks and eventually a great room, which is a recipe for a great time.

"Women dishing tips and tricks." We love a good party and women schmoozing. I will say the schmoozing done at the breakfast table, I was not quite ready.  However, women talk is where you can learn some great or terrible tips, but it doesn't hurt to try and see what works for you.

"Your friends' jokes on your celibacy."  Yep.  There are some laughs and jokes that we here at The Solo Alliance have had to endure due to being celibate.  Not saying give your goodies at the first offer, but I must agree that grown women can do grown women things unless you have other intentions for your celibacy. Which by all means, keep that up. However, if you have a set of friends that are in a no-judgement zone then use the above schmoozing session to pop off your grownup activities.

The cast made for a great movie. I would highly recommend going to see the flick with or without friends. Have you already seen Girls Trip? If not, check out the trailer in the link below.
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 Sound off your some of your favorite parts of movie, thoughts on the movie and all things Girls Trip in the comments below.

*corrections have been made to change to Regina Hall