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July 25, 2017 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

Loyal defined is having or showing complete and constant support for someone or something; therefore loyalty is the state of being loyal. Most people will use the term for their benefit, but when is it being use to benefit someone or something else? Most people will speak of the loyalty they expect but are not sure how much they want or how much they are willing to do in order to return loyalty.

I am a very loyal person, but when does it turn from loyalty to insanity.  Insanity- doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You know the ones that can depend on you but you can never depend on them. My friend always says, "you can't be everything to everybody."  True statement. It is when you are trying to be everything to everybody that you crash, and when you aren't available, this becomes an issue right?  This is because this isn't your nature with which people are accustomed. When do you find that balance where you are just like "forget it", I only have this amount of cares to give, and I have to chose wisely which I am going to give them. I mean, I can't get those cares back so I need to spend them wisely right.

Let's talk single women loyalty because that is the life we live on this blog. I get that I may not have as many responsibilities as a family of four, but I do have responsibilities. I say this not only for friends, but potentials also.  Check it, so I meet a guy and we established at the beginning that I am grown woman dating. So, if you find me interesting and would like to converse, that is fine, but why expect me to not to do something, you are currently doing.  I know you are dating homeboy, I know your options are still open, but you want my options to come to a halt. Red flag (Ladies, we will talk about those red flags)! I mean obviously you aren't doing enough to expect that kind of loyalty. I just thought it was so random the things that he expected. We are getting to know each other, I get that, but why in the world do you think that you are able to do things that you do not expect of your mate. Examples you ask, sure why not. Let's put a very common topic that is quoted out there

Convo 1
Him: Have you ever dated outside of your race?
Me:  I don't date ethnicities, races, or colors, I date men
Him: Well, you need to stick by your own
Me: Really, you have a biracial child

Convo 2:
Him: You know I work late so you should be willing to change your dating habits to work around my schedule
Me: You know I work long shifts, so you should expect for me to go out of my way during the late hours
Him: Well I am just trying to spend time with you
Me: People make time for what they want to do, what's your days off?
(I know it seems like a feasible convo right now, its not. It gets worse)
Him: Well its random, I made plans on this day (blah, blah, blah) and why don't you just come over and cook for me on a Sunday, so we can chill
Me: You know I work a 10 hour shift on Sundays right? So no to coming to cook for you and no to me "chilling" on a Sunday
Him: You can come over after work

Convo 3 (came from a stint where I wasn't giving in to some stupid request, probably going to his house or something of that nature)
Him: Yo, I am not like the other dudes you may have dated, I am a grown man.
Me: Then why are you expecting me to be like the other females you have dated that allowed you to "play house" with them..

Like, I can go on with this, but why?  We are supposed to be dating, find time or move on. You are requesting loyalty when it isn't earned. We aren't in a relationship. Please use some discernment in this situation sir.  I can't really speak for the next lady, but I will ask, how many single dating women are expected to be loyal because someone else thinks that you have the time to do it?

Maybe, we have someone out there with a different perspective. Sound off below in the comments.