Guest Post- Looking for a Man or a Daddy?

April 18, 2018 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

Submitted by Stefan

Is "Looking For A Real Man" Just An Excuse For "Looking For A Daddy"?

We live in a world where young single people simply can't connect with their coevals on a deeper emotional level. So, they tend to look for a more experienced partner. An average young man usually decides to date a cougar and young women often fall in love with older men. This seems completely normal, but the question has to be asked - is there a deeper issue behind this dating trend? In order to answer this question, we're going to focus on the ladies and their tendency to chase older gentlemen. Most of them justify this phenomenon by saying they're "just looking for a real man", but is this really true? Could it be that they're looking for a "daddy" or some sort of a strong father figure? Here are some giveaway signs that a young woman has "daddy issues".  

She's Dating An Older Man Simply Because She Needs Guidance 

One of the biggest signs that a young girl is looking for a daddy is the fact that she seeks guidance and leadership in life. It's perfectly understandable for a young lady to be inexperienced and unsure about the future, but dating a much older man isn't the answer. Sadly, this is one of the most frequent reasons why today's women are trying to hook up with mature men. 

She Can't Trust Anyone Her Age

When a girl doesn't have a father figure in her life, it's almost impossible for a young man to gain her trust. Whenever a guy tries to bond with her, she automatically assumes that his motives and aspirations are impure. Naturally, she builds a wall around herself and the only one who can breach it is a strong and independent older man. The absence of a male figure in her life is forcing her to develop a defense mechanism and this is exactly why she's only interested in dating a "real" man. 

She's Afraid Of Being Alone 

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most common reason why young gals are constantly searching for more experienced gentlemen. They are desperately trying to fill that painful gap in their lives by dating men who are twice their age. Also, a lot of these girls have been hurt by younger men and they're afraid of ending up alone, so naturally, they're trying to settle down with a mature and more reliable man. This only proves that this dating trend is riddled with various doubts, fears, and questionable motives.

She's Looking For Someone Who Can Protect Her 

A young woman can be rather fragile, especially if she doesn't have a father in her life. Unfortunately, this means that she is usually an easy target for modern day predators, and since her dad isn't there to make her feel safe, she tends to seek protection from other older men. Ladies are trying to justify these relationships by saying that they're in love with those older gentlemen, but most of the time, that's simply not true. They are only trying to find someone who can protect them from harm.

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