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Guest Post- Do you fear rejection or just lack of sex?

May 03, 2018 The Solo Alliance 0 Comments

Submitted by Stefan

Trying to provide a quick answer to this question is like trying to solve a famous casualty dilemma about which came first: the chicken or the egg... Well, it’s not exactly like that, but we like to think of ourselves as the great sages of our time. False modesty has never been our thing.

Still, the fact remains that dealing with rejection and experiencing the lack of sex are mutually intertwined, meaning that we are aware that one can’t provide a plain answer to this question easily. Moreover, it’s quite the opposite as it requires the use of the Socratic method, a couple of beers and an isolated contemplation spot, most preferably Hooters.

Wise Men said but we didn’t listen

We can begin by quoting a notorious genius such as Friedrich Nietzsche who once posed an interesting question that goes like this: Is it not better to fall into the hands of a murderer, than into the dreams of a lustful woman? Well, nowadays, the answer to this is pretty simple and it certainly is the latter. The most of us healthy, heterosexual guys can freely admit dreaming about being in dreams of a random lusty gal and we bet that majority of us have come up with more than a few possible sexy scenarios regarding it - one of them definitely includes cougar women dating us young studs, at the very peak of their sexual supremacy. But hey, that’s a whole different story!

Still, we can’t but shake off the notion that Nietzsche was right. Well, at least when the lustful lady suddenly decides to change her mind and thus say “No”.

So, what does actually happen when one of these girls bestows us a bitter gift of rejection, except for a wasted erection, of course? What causes the fear exactly? We’ll try to analyze some of the rejection-caused mechanisms below.

Master or Noob and Other Reconsideration

It’s pretty obvious that we improve our game with every “Yes” and every pair of wide-spread legs along the way. So, being afraid of rejection is quite natural since it has proven to negatively affect our self-esteem in general. Keep in mind this also applies to monogamous gentlemen since it is known that having regular intercourse - even with the same partner - can have numerous positive effects both on our mental and physical health. It wouldn’t hurt to mention there is also a whole other range of problematics regarding the rejection and lack of sex in long-term relationships because the females often have headaches after the first couple of years of dating. We mean really strong headaches.

What happens Next

So once we’ve come across rejection it is almost inevitable to experience the state of imbalance of a kind. And this further leads us to a false conclusion that we’re not good enough and may also cause all other kinds of reconsideration as well. And women can sniff out the fear, we tell you, which can also set a new string of negative events in motion. Still, there is a healthy way to cope with rejection and possible fear by trying to process the entire thing in a positive manner. You can easily boost your confidence by telling yourself it’s their loss. Or how about The dry season won’t last forever or perhaps: “After a big NO there is always a big O”? Motivational quotes are countless indeed so take one and make sure it becomes your personal mantra for the cases like this.

In conclusion

It’s okay to be afraid of rejection, even it’s only because you know that you’re gonna suffer from a serious case of DDS or Dry D**k Syndrome. You, shouldn’t, however, succumb to despair by no means and there are many positive approaches that you can use in order to achieve this, the most notable being moving on to your next target. Joking aside, fear can only hold you back and there is nothing wrong with having to be on your own once in a while. After all, your two besties, the Console, and the Gamepad are crying for it and the word “No” is not in their vocabulary.

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